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The superpower of efficient organisations

It’s no secret that making organisations more efficient is better for everyone. And when done well, efficiencies can improve health and social outcomes for people and whānau, helping to create thriving communities.

Stakeholders are satisfied resources are allocated effectively, workers are happier on the job, and clients receive a smoother, more streamlined experience. The problem is, changing a well-established process comes with a significant amount of challenges. From budget restrictions to getting buy-in from the decision making team, implementing new methods of operation can be difficult. But what happens when current processes are no longer fit for purpose?

Moving on from the past

The health and social sector suffers from a number of legacy processes that have not adapted to changes in technology and society. But it’s not just health care providers who feel the pain. Ultimately, clients are impacted too, and often when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Many systems in our health and social services are highly inefficient. From disjointed data entry processes through to slow systems built on archaic IT infrastructure, trying to capture and organise client information can be challenging at the best of times.

This can cause incomplete data to be collected or stored in different places in varying formats, unable to be accessed when needed.

And when data isn’t centralised, reporting and analysis becomes a time-consuming task that takes health and social care professionals away from what they do best: improving client’s lives.

It’s time to consolidate

There is a better way to input, store, and report on your organisation’s data. With Noted, you’ll have one source of truth for your entire organisation in a format that’s easy to use, intuitive to operate and can be accessed anywhere, any time, from any device. All while keeping client information safe and secure.

One major advantage of consolidating your systems is the ability to inform organisational-wide outcome tracking and decision making. With the answers at your fingertips, you’ll have complete confidence in making the right call when tough decisions present themselves.

When you have all your client data in one place, a residual benefit is knowing the caseloads of your kaimahi and ensuring their wellbeing is being managed as well as their clients’.

Stay in control of sensitive data

With Noted’s online client management system you have control over who can access client records and important information. By allocating permissions to selected workers, client data is protected and only visible to the appropriate workers. For example, as a key worker for a client you can restrict access to other users in your team where it may be a family member and inappropriate for that person to see the client records.

And because the data exists on the cloud, there’s no paperwork to misplace, no spreadsheets to decipher, and no wasted time searching for important client information.

The notion of hosting sensitive data in the cloud can create hesitancy among certain members of an organisation, which is understandable. Will it be secure? Can it be hacked? What if it gets deleted? Noted’s security protocols are incredibly robust, with encryption in transit and at rest, so you can have complete confidence your client’s data is protected.

Reporting with a touch of a button

Organisations that use an online CMS have the upper hand in more ways than one. The first advantage? Client information is consolidated and secure in one place. The second? Reporting has never been simpler, easier, and more cost-effective.

Noted allows organisations to quickly produce monthly reports to show funders the impact you’re making in the community, helping to unlock funds in the future. Regular reporting and analysis can also show trends that are happening in your community – a tangible indicator that informs agencies to fund specific areas of need.

One of the most significant benefits of Noted is the ability to measure and report on generational change, which in turn helps your workers focus their efforts on creating healthy, thriving communities, now and into the future.

Change can happen faster than you ever imagined

Upgrading client management software can seem like a big, expensive, and time-consuming task. But with technical experts, a dedicated training team, and a support helpline, Noted can seamlessly upgrade your client management systems to create organisational efficiencies. The real question is, how much time is your organisation wasting by searching, collating, and checking the accuracy of data in your current CMS?

When your data is consolidated in one place, workers spend less time on administration and more time making an impact in the community. After all, that’s the real superpower of health services – improving the condition of those around us and empowering them to live happy, healthy lives.

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