We take the safety of your data very seriously



Limited access

Access to data is strictly monitored and governed to reduce risk. Noted staff only access what is agreed upon in contracts and agreements with customers.

No data sharing

Noted does not disclose or share data with third parties except if required by law or at a customer’s request.


Noted embraces the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, leveraging AWS’ strengths in providing security in the cloud.


All client data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Data is not stored on user devices. Sensitive data is encrypted at field level and uses an advanced identity and key management system that ensures secure and managed access to data. This allows us to compartmentalise data to reduce impact and risk.

24/7 monitoring

Noted infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by automated systems. Our security officer maintains an Information and Security programme, identifying risks, and testing to minimise any potential security threats.

API security

Noted’s RESTful API provides encryption, secure authentication, and authorisation. All actions and traffic is logged and audited for security purposes.

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