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How Noted's customers get a return on investment

Adopting a new client management system is a big investment in time and money, and Noted is no exception. Here we explore the different ways that Noted pays for itself.

Noted charges a free to setup your organisation with Noted and an ongoing subscription fee to access it. Value is added during the onboarding process, from everyday use of the app, and by our data discovery tool.

While Noted may charge more for setup and onboarding than competitors, we believe that the our unique solution allows our customers to both save money and potentially generate income, ultimately making Noted a valuable investment.

Value is added during the onboarding process, from everyday use of the app, and by our data discovery tool. 


We are absolutely committed to making sure that Noted works as well as possible for our customers.

We work with managers and administrators to:

  • Make sure that Noted supports their ideal business processes
  • Ascertain that data required for their organisational reporting requirements is being captured and surfaced appropriately
  • Configure Noted’s roles management to ensure that every staff member has appropriate privileges and access to features
  • Change manage the organisation as it moves to a new way of working

We work with team leads and administrators for every team to:

  • Ensure that their contract’s funder reporting requirements are being met
  • That any other information required to execute the service is being captured
  • That forms are developed to allow staff to work effectively
  • Make sure access control defaults are set up appropriately

We work with your in-house champion to:

  • To train them to be as expert in Noted as we are!

We provide separate training and documentation for:

  • Administrators
  • Each team
  • Data specialists/business analysts

We provide additional technical services:

As agreed and required we:

  • Manage the migration of data from previous systems
  • Set up the organisation’s Data Discovery tool
  • Build required integrations
  • Develop additional functionality

Once the process is complete, our customer can be confident that it is well set up to effectively coordinate the care of its whānau, the way they want to. An example of this is setting Noted up to support Mauri Ora approaches to care delivery where whānau can ‘enter the service through any door’. 

We believe that the costs of onboarding are quickly offset by time and money saved,  increased staff happiness and improvements in care delivery.

Ongoing benefits from the Noted app

We are absolutely committed to making sure that Noted works as well as possible for our customers.

Much reduced time required to create reports, both for executives and funders

  • In some cases managers tell us they can spend 20 hours on a single report using their old system

More efficient use of resources

  • We have heard anecdotes of multiple teams working with a client or whānau without realising other teams in the same organisation were working with them at the same time

Less time lost with note taking

  • In one pilot, community nurses were able to create a care plan in 20 minutes using Noted that had previously taken an hour

Less time lost billing funders

  • Noted’s ACC claim based billing, ACC PO billing (e.g. Sensitive Claims) and PRIMHD reporting all significantly reduce the time spent billing ACC and Te Whatu Ora, respectively, saving time for staff
  • Noted’s reporting makes it easier to extract information required by funders

Less staff turnover

  • Happier staff are less likely to have sick days and are more effective
  • Frustration with inefficient, clunky systems can exacerbate burnout and is known to have been the cause of staff resignations
  • Onboarding replacement staff is expensive and time consuming

Reduced medicolegal risk

  • Noted’s forms and workflow support staff to follow safe practice, capturing red flags and showing they have considered risks. This reduces the chance of poor outcomes and negative results in the event of a health and disability investigation

Less risk from audits

    • If Noted is being used correctly, the information required is in one place and easily accessible, meaning that audits take far less time than they might have
    • The required information is also more likely to be complete, with less risk of failing the audit
    • Failed audits can lead to lost contracts

The benefits of Data Discovery

With Noted’s Data Discovery solution, all client records are synced through to our data warehouse every 24 hours and surfaced using the data analytics system, Qlik Cloud.

Investing in Data Discovery allows:

  • Team leads to manage the quality of their team’s data without relying on expensive data specialists

  • Measure progress towards their team’s KPIs

  • Effectively manage the caseloads of workers

  • Identify barriers to efficient service delivery, e.g. excessive waitlist times

  • Measure client outcomes

  • Demonstrate the impact of teams, and the wider organisation, to funders

One of the most common complaints we have heard from managers who aren’t using Noted is that they know they are adding value in the community, but don’t have any way of measuring their impact, meaning they can’t justify requests for funding increases to contract providers.

Using Noted, your organisation is much better placed to objectively measure, not just your activity, but the impact you are having on your whānau, making it easier for you to attract funding and win contracts, potentially worth far in excess of the cost of Noted.

About Noted

Noted is a people and whānau-centred client management system that empowers health and social care providers to care for their whānau from a unified platform, with unparalleled access to data insights.

Based in Wellington, Noted Limited was founded by Scott Pearson in October 2015, and has customers that include primary and secondary care organisations, Māori health providers, social service providers and mental health providers, including over 10% of Aotearoa's secondary school hauora teams.

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Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

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